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Multi-channel controller and multi-wavelength technology.  


  • *Concube

    • high-end IoT (Internet of Things) terminal
      based on an industrial PC, IP65
    • widescreen color graphical display (9”) and touch
    • sensor and station management of up to 64
      parameters: automatic cleaning, data logging,
      sample & calibration including history and
      multipoint calibration, sensor function check, user
      management and easy data transfer via USB-stick
    • low power operation with less than 3 watts (@ 15
      min. measuring interval): wide range AC and DC
      variants available
    • process interface to SCADA via Modbus RTU/TCP,
      SDI-12, Profibus DP, analog 0/4-20 mA and relay
      outputs (state)
    • easily extendable & all moni::tool features available:
      8 slots to customize I/Os, moni::tool software
      pre-installed, additional software features like
      online data validation and event detection optional

    *full information to refer datasheet.
    *or visit S::CAN

    • drinking water
    • surface water
    • wastewater
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